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Super Tree Round Tote Bag
Super Tree Round Tote Bag

Super Tree Round Tote Bag

Bok Loong uses shapes, simple lines and make use of negative and positive spaces to express the abstract look of the super tree.

3 groups involved in this Special project "Women for Climate"
ATGAB, Seedztudio, BE Kollective (group of 7 artists)

This SPECIAL collection of bags were painted by artists with Special Needs. Each piece of bag is itself an artwork, original and unique. The artists painted their ideas and concept with guidance from BE Kollective at Seedztudio. Using up-cycled from materials that are easily found in our environment, ATGAB design them into bags of different styles and finctionality.

Is a collaboration of a group of artists and designers with a heart for the environment and the people living in it. We celebrate the special abilities of our artists who are an inspiration to all.

Artist: Fong Bok Loong
Mentor: Ocean Goh


- Wooden handle
- Fully lined industrial-strength Felt  

Materials: up-cycled fabric, eco-felt lining, non-toxic PVC outer layer for water resistancy, premium hardware

Width 30 cm
Height 35 cm
Depth 11cm

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